Consulting Services


With 16 years as a bilingual senior executive who has successfully managed significant human capital (2,500 employees, 110 locations) and large budgets ($250 M operating, over $1B capital), I have the depth to provide advice and insight to cover all facets of running an organisation: Finance, HR and Organisational Design, IT, Business Development and Growth, Strategic Management, Risk Management and Governance, Relationship Management and fostering a culture that values Innovation, Diversity, Inclusiveness and Accountability. In each case organizations I have had responsibility for have performed well financially, from a health and safety perspective and in public relations and brand awareness.

As a natural leader and a lifelong learner about leadership, I can create and maintain relationships with diverse stakeholders, clients and communities and bring both a practical common sense and deep emotional intelligence to any situation that an organization may face. I have successfully negotiated in business, social and labour contexts to outcomes that exceeded expectations and mitigated those outcomes by applying mature risk management principles born of both my experience and an authentic, natural curiosity about others.

As an expert communicator, I am fluent in the cultural competencies necessary to partner with almost any community as a result of my experience working in a number of different contexts: Rural and Urban, Northern and Southern, Domestic and International, in the office and via distance, French and English, Indigenous and Settler, New Canadian and Multi-generation, Public Sector and Private Sector.

As a facilitator, I am flexible enough to work with individuals or groups of any size and have the kind of effortless adaptability that enables me to focus on both in the context of a session. I can both guide and direct your organization through a process of learning, transformation and discovery that will lead to the optimal outcome to suit your needs.

Areas Of Focus

Strategic and Business Management

Providing advice and direction to organizations for improvement to performance through transformational change design and management, corporate strategy, organizational design, strategic planning and facilitation, and frameworks for management and decision-making.

Government Relations

Providing advice and facilitation for building and maintaining relationships with and within governments, agencies and other governmental entities towards policy advocacy, inter/intergovernmental accountability submissions and the fulfillment of regulatory responsibilities such as licensing and approvals.

Strategic Advisory Services

Providing advice across a broad range of issues as a result of 16 years of senior management experience.

Leadership Development

Assessment, design and facilitation to expand the leadership capacity for individuals and organizations through the development of leader capacity for decision-making, emotional intelligence, authenticity, resilience, culture, communication and courage.

Natural/Cultural/Historic Resources Management

Providing advice and support to organizations with a focus on protected areas, natural/historic/cultural heritage asset conservation, environmental protections, recreation and access, northern issues, rural/urban interface, and land/water stewardship.

Relationships and Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

Providing advice and facilitation on relationships and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.